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What makes Tohatsu outboards different? While other manufacturers focus on building higher horsepower engines, at Tohatsu their 
focus has always been on building the most reliable engines. Tohatsu have a huge range of 4-Stroke and award-winning TLDI engines,
which also include some of the lowest emission outboards available. Our engines deliver both power you can rely on and all the benefits of lower emissions.

Tohatsu, Japan's oldest outboard manufacturer, has been producing high quality, durable outboard motors since 1956. Tohatsu outboards were originally developed for commercial Japanese fishermen who needed a motor that could run for days on end, no matter what the weather.

Pricing and further information


We are always happy to provide the best prices for Tohatsu outboard motors for both new and used. Don’t hesitate to contact us:



Tel: 01872 870305 / 07870 582851.


We sell the full range of new Tohatsu motors, if you don’t know what sort of engine you need, see the product you are looking for, please contact us for further help and advice.

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